How Do Professional Jewelers Clean Diamond Rings?

How Do Professional Jewelers Clean Diamond Rings?

Many people with diamond rings wonder if they are really getting the best shining quality out of their jewelry with at-home methods of cleaning. 

As a result, they often seek out a professional jeweler for a high-quality cleaning. 

It is a good bet, because the best jewelers do not just sell brand-new, high-quality rings, but are highly knowledgeable about the restoration process of diamond rings. What makes their restoration process worth the price is technology, expertise, and methods. 

Home Methods Are Not the Best Methods

You can be assured that the jewelers, such as our own at Blitz Manufacturing, will not just take your ring home and scrub it with a dish towel in the sink. 

The reality is that a professional cleaning process is much more involved, and features equipment and methods that are a step above a mere dish towel and soap. 

Sophisticated Cleaning and Polishing 

Taking your diamond ring to a jeweler has more benefits than lending an unrivaled sheen to your piece—jewelers often take care to make sure that your ring is in good shape, making sure the stone is not damaged or in danger of breaking, cracking, becoming loose, or the like. 

So, with their high-tech tools and expert knowledge, you can be certain to get your money’s worth from visiting a jeweler. 

Going Ultrasonic

Scrub all you want with that towel, but the truth is that a lot of the luster-obscuring dirt and grime are the result of dirt particles you can not quite get at with your hand. 

This is why jewelers put the ring in an ultrasonic cleaner, where the ring is soaked with a cleaning solution and subjected to ultrasonic waves that, in a word, blast the dirt off of the ring. 

More specifically, the cleaning solution creates many bubbles that rub against the diamond’s dirt, while the strong vibration of the waves forces the dirt to come to the surface of the stone, making it easier to wash off. 

The Wheel

The vibrating bath comprises the “cleaning” phase of the professional jeweler’s process, which continues onward into a good polishing, featuring yet another piece of technology: A buffing wheel. 

This wheel helps remove scuffs and other polishable marks to bring a brand-new look to your age-old diamond. 

The wheel spins pretty fast, so expert and dexterous hands are indeed needed for this task. 

A Steaming

When the cleaning and polishing are over and the old beauty of the diamond ring has been restored, the jeweler typically goes a step further to bring a new beauty. 

Oftentimes, a jeweler will bring the ring into a steamer, which will provide further pressure on the ring that ensures a deeper clean. 

Like the ultrasonic cleaner, a steamer will essentially be blasting any excess dirt off of your ring, any that is still left on at this point, at least. 

It is the final boost to giving your diamond the glow it had the first time you laid eyes on it. 

Want a Cleaning?

If you are interested in professional cleaning or cleaning equipment, reach out to us at Blitz Manufacturers for your jewelry needs!