How to Clean and Care for Jade

How to Clean and Care for Jade

How to Clean Jade Jewelry

Using Foamz™ Jewelry Cleaner & Microfiber Cloth

Jade is a mixture of nephrite and jadeite and the green color we have all come to love is a result of a higher content of iron in the jadeite. The surface, which is very hard, makes it an ideal material for jewelry, not to mention the relatively low cost. Jade has been a Chinese cultural symbol for thousands of years and was even referred to as, “The Royal Gem” (ICGA “The Myth of Jade”). Real jade does not require a lot of cleaning as the surface is very smooth, but should be cleaned to remove dirt or soil build-up every once in a while. If you are not sure whether or not your jade is real, we suggest having a professional jeweler examine it before cleaning.     [hr]

Tips to Tell if Your Jade is the Real Deal

  • Jade should be cold to the touch. Even in warmer climates or heated rooms, jade should retain a cool temperature.
  • Real jade should be smooth to the touch. Run your finger over the surface of your piece; if you feel bumps or imperfections, chances are you are dealing with a fake.

Cleaning Jade with Foamz™ Foaming Jewelry Cleaner

Foamz Travel Jewelry Cleaner Using a non-abrasive microfiber rub the surface of the jade to remove any hard particles such as sand, loose dirt, or salt. Apply the Foamz™ to the surface of the jade and allow the foam to set. Using the microfiber, rub in the foam. After cleaning, rinse with room temperature tap water and dry with a non-abrasive cloth.  Click the link to purchase Foamz™ Foaming Jewelry Cleaner to clean your jade jewelry. Foamz™ is perfect for travel and small enough for carry-on luggage. Made in the United States of America.
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