How to Clean Fashion and Costume Jewelry

How to Clean Fashion and Costume Jewelry

How to Clean Fashion and Costume Jewelry

There are several kinds of Costume and Fashion Jewelry. Blitz products can assist you in cleaning many of these. The broad categories are: Composites, Plated, Antique, Plastic and Metal.

Blitz has a wonderful Fashion Jewelry Cleaner specially formulated for the coating usually found on Fashion Jewelry.  It is also important to remember that because fashion jewelry is a little less expensive, you may wear it more, meaning the surface will become dirty with a buildup of body oils, makeup, perfume, dust, dirt and whatever else you encounter during the day.   Since most fashion jewelry is made of plastic or coated it is important to only use jewelry cleaners that are made to handle the delicate surfaces.  If you were to use a polishing cloth made for gold, silver and platinum on a coated earring, you could cause irreparable damage.  So, Blitz has a couple of suggestions to prolong the life of your fabulous fashion jewelry.


Tip One: Use Blitz MoonGlow™ Polishing Cloth for Fashion Jewelry

moonglow for fashion jewelry

Use a lint free and non-abrasive cloth to wipe down your fashion & costume jewelry at night after the jewelry has been removed.  This will help to prevent a buildup of body oil and perspiration.  These cloths are not treated with any type of polish or chemical that could potentially damage your jewelry.  For this try the Blitz MoonGlow™ for Fashion Jewelry.  This is an ultra-soft microfiber cloth that will remove perspiration and restore shine to the surface of your fashion jewelry.


Tip Two: Use Blitz Non-Toxic Fashion Jewelry Cleaner

Fashion Jewelry Cleaner

Use Blitz Fashion Jewelry Cleaner once a month to completely remove all dirt buildup and grime.  You probably will not need to use a liquid cleaner more than once a month unless you are active in stage performance.  Heavy makeup required for theatre can transfer to the surface of your jewelry causing a dull exterior; in cases like this, cleaning several times a month with Fashion Jewelry Cleaner may be beneficial.

Composite and Art Jewelry.

Art jewelry should never be cleaned without the advice of the artist who designed the item or their designated representative. It can be fragile, and any cleaning can cause irreparable harm if not done to exacting specifications.

Composite jewelry can be made of precious or non-precious metals, minerals, stones, cloth, wood, paper, plastic, pottery, or any other item the artisan can imagine. Therefore, each piece is unique, and manufacturers instructions should be consulted and followed.

Stage or Theater Items.

These items are usually limited use items. They can easily get soiled from actor's makeup and perspiration, or fade under the bright lights. It is best to consult with a professional theater artist who will examine your items and determine how best to clean them.

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