How To Clean Stainless Steel

How To Clean Stainless Steel

How Do I Clean Stainless Steel?

 Stainless steel products by Blitz restore shine[/caption]   Stainless steel is a popular choice for many household and outdoor appliances such as sinks, cooking pans and grills because of its ability to resist corrosion and rust after coming in contact with water.  Stainless steel, despite its name is not 100% stain resistant especially in areas with low circulation or oxygen.  You can prolong the life of your stainless steel with a simple cleaning from time to time with Blitz polish and cloths specially formulated for stainless steel surfaces.  Blitz has several non-toxic products specially formulated for cleaning stainless steel.  Browse the Blitz Household Care Collection for all Stainless Steel Care Products.        


Tip #1: Remove dirt & dust from surface of stainless steel

Before you clean any stainless steel, you should first gently remove dust, or grime.  It may seem surprising, but dust, dirt, grime, and even mud can contain crystals of grit.  Just static electricity can attract very large, nearly invisible, particle of crystals to your appliance.  Taking a dry cloth and rubbing these across the surface of the grain of the stainless steel may produce an unsightly scratch.  Use caution, and gentle motions when you clean. 


Tip #2: Can I wash my stainless steel appliance with water?

Yes, you can, but use caution.  Water by itself is no more effective on dirt than it is if you wash your hands with plain water.  Another issue is that stainless steel can form water spots.  This is caused by lime (calcium and magnesium) in tap water. Once these show up, then they can be very hard to remove on appliances.  Remember, if you have an electric appliance use extreme caution not to contact water with the electric supply (motor, heating elements, wires).


Tip #3: Use Stainless Steel Shine Polish

Stainless Steel Shine Polish

Using a Blitz Stainless Steel Polish on your appliances will reduce the number and amount of daily cleaning required while restoring a beautiful shine. Our Blitz Stainless Steel Shine Polish is 100% alcohol, ammonia, acids and V.O.C. free.    Before cleaning food related items such as pots or skillets, remove all food, dirt and dust; dry.  Apply the polish and with a non-abrasive cloth rub the polish into the surface of the stainless steel in a circular motion.  With another cloth, rub in a circular motion in the opposite direction (wax on, wax off).  After polishing thoroughly rinse the item in room temperature tap water.  By now you will see a noticeable difference; an increased shine!  Buy Stainless Steel Shine Polish right here at!


PLEASE NOTE If you are NOT using a Blitz Polish: Some polishes contain wax, or wax-like agents.  These may work for museum pieces, or items that will be stored for very long periods, but use caution for everyday items.  Waxy polishes can leave a film on stainless steel - heat will melt it - and cause many unwanted issues.  Other polishes may also contain harmful and toxic chemicals such as ammonia.  Please exercise caution if using toxic chemicals around children or pets.  With Blitz Polish you will NEVER have to worry about the damaging consequences of harsh chemicals as Blitz is 100% Non-Toxic!  View the entire Household Care Collection for metal polish & polishing cloths!

Tip #4: Use Stainless Steel Care Polishing Cloth

Stainless Steel Care Cloth

Since 1912 Blitz has been known for being the innovator of, "putting the polish in the cloth".  As with Blitz Stainless Steel Shine Polish, all stainless steel used for cooking should be thoroughly cleaned and cleared of food or grease before proceeding.  Completely dry with a lint-free and non-abrasive cloth.  Remove the Stainless Steel Care Cloth from the package and rub the surface of the stainless steel with the cloth in a circular motion until desired shine in achieved.  After polishing with the cloth, thoroughly rinse the item with room temperature tap water.  Buy the Stainless Steel Care Cloth right here at!

Tip #5: I want to clean commonly used stainless steel items QUICKLY!

We understand!  Sometimes we are in a hurry to get the kitchen sparkling like new before a dinner party or for general kitchen cleaning.  Smaller items like stainless steel toasters or commonly touched items like refrigerator doors require cleaning more often due to common interaction.  The Blitz Stainless Steel Shine Quick Wipes are perfect for quick and convenient cleaning.  Remove a wipe from the container and wipe the surfaces of your stainless steel appliances in a circular motion.  After, rub with a non-abrasive cloth and toss the stainless steel wipe! Blitz Stainless Steel Shine Quick Wipes are made from bio-degradable fabric, are 100% non-toxic and have a fresh scent.  Buy the Stainless Steel Shine Quick Wipes right here at!

What can I do about scratches or dents?

Once a scratch shows up, then you need to consult the manufacturer, or your repair agent.  For sinks, you can consult with your local home repair retail store for ideas and products.  For appliances, however, we recommend that you contact the manufacturer of your appliance at their toll free number.

A dent has to be examined by a qualified repair agent.  That will usually mean a repair visit.

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