2013 is the Year of the Mini Tablet – 34 Million Shipped in 2012

2013 is the Year of the Mini Tablet – 34 Million Shipped in 2012

Your customers love tablets – Give them the BEST cloth to clean the screen!

The holidays are finally over and retailers all over America are taking a much needed breather from the crowds. As everyone analyzes their sales, major retailers like Amazon reported their sales had doubled on the popular Kindle reading tablet. The Kindle wasn’t the only mobile device to see a sharp rise in sales; according to the International Data Corporation (IDC), the forecast for 2012 tablet sales was 122.3 million units. The popular iOS operated full-size i-Pad still dominates the market, however it was reported by ad-ology that 34 million 7inch tablets had shipped in 2012. Minis are the preferred successor to the full-screen tablets due to lower prices and lighter weight. With an increasing estimate in tablet sales for 2013, retailers are acting fast to get a piece of the revenue. Tablet accessories such as cases, styluses, and screen cleaning cloths are becoming common items in retail stores all over the country. Blitz Manufacturing Company, Inc. is proud to offer custom designed microfiber cloths for stores and businesses for use on tablet screens such as Amazon’s Kindle, Apple’s i-Pad and Google’s Android.
”The screens get disgusting! After I’ve been using my i-Pad to do work or check e-mail, the screen is covered in fingerprints. Phones are even worse after long conversations. The perspiration from your face is really hard to get off using your jeans. I have used the Blitz Screen Clean Cloth and LOVE it! It gets all of that oil off and I can literally use it on everything” said Katie N. of Louisville, KY.
With 2013 sales of mini-tablets expected to rise to 68 million, Blitz urges its customers to take notice and stock up on the Screen Clean Jewelry Sheen Microfiber Cloth.  Screen cleaning cloths are becoming more common in popular stores like Target and Walmart.  All feedback related to the Screen Cleaning Microfiber Cloth has been positive including remarks like; "This cloth is a god-send!"  "It literally takes EVERYTHING off my Kindle screen!" "No more cleaning my cell phone screen on my pants!"
D. Swanson, a sales representative at Blitz said of the Screen Clean Microfiber, "I am so proud that we are able to offer these wonderful microfibers with in-house customization. Our art department works with you to make sure that your logo is perfect! Imagine if 34 million people used a cloth and saw your logo every time they cleaned their tablet screen!"
Screen Clean Jewelry Sheen Microfiber by Blitz Features:
  • Non-abrasive
  • Non-toxic (not treated with any cleaning ingredients)
  • Lint-free
  • Easily customizable with your business logo or contact info; customization done right here in our Jeffersonville, IN factory. Minimum of 144 pieces.
  • Multi-purpose: This cloth is also perfect for cleaning cell-phone screens, mirrors, diamonds and loose gems, musical instruments, watch faces, photos and more.

To Order Customized Microfiber Screen Cleaning Cloths by Blitz:

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