Blitz Cloth Found from the 1950's Still Works!

Blitz Cloth Found from the 1950's Still Works!

Blitz is celebrating its 100th year as a United States manufacturer of jewelry & metal cleaning products and we never get tired of hearing stories from our customers about how they remember the Original Blitz Cloth. Recently, we received an e-mail from a gentleman in Colorado who found an original Blitz Cloth manufactured by Auburn Specialties Company (the Blitz Cloth founder of 1912).
"I have a really old Blitz Cloth from probably 1950's. Still in good shape but has pretty well dried out. Is it still usable and is there something I can use to put the moisture back in it? (Actually seems to work, but not as well as when it was new.)"
At first, we were not too sure which cloth the gentleman was referring to so we asked if any bar-code was present on the packaging so that we could match it to our inventory.  We were excited to find out that the box was so old it had no bar-code at all!  We also received some pictures, which can be viewed below.  This box is a testament to the original concept of the Blitz Cloth which was, "THE POLISH IS IN THE CLOTH; NOTHING TO SPILL".  This concept is still applied today with every cloth manufactured by Blitz.
"Well, (surprise!) no barcode but maybe the attached will help. From the description on the web it probably comes closer to the 105 than anything else. Just for historical interest, it may be an "antique": I may be wrong on the age of the cloth - it seems to me that my Dad   used it regularly on the brass belt buckle and insignia on his Army uniform back in the 50's or maybe earlier. If that's really the case, it's a real tribute to Blitz and it's products, since the cloth - a bit thin in spots and pretty black overall  - still works fairly well on my brass items, if a bit dried out. (Just as an aside, it would have been in better shape except that the wrapping around the cloth itself just disintegrated several years ago and I had to throw it away. It appeared to have been some type of "stiff" white or gray semitransparent paper with more instructions in  blue printing on it (not that it matters anyway, but just for "completeness"). Even if there's a "fix", I'll probably just keep it around, tell my kids "they just don't make stuff like they used to", buy a new one,  and hope it's as good as and lasts as long as the original!"
We are very proud to say that we manufacture the exact same cloth today!  We are also happy to send a replacement cloth to this customer at no charge as a way to say THANK YOU for being a part of the Blitz Family!
"It's hard to find companies that made excellent products in the past that are still around these days, and especially ones that made things that really worked like they were supposed to.  I'm glad you're one of them, and be assured that I'm a life-long customer. Guess I'll have to try some of the new items now that I know they're out there!" - W.H. Wandell
SKU 105 The Original Blitz Cloth

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R. Ryan on

Cleaning out our Aunt’s belongings. She’s 92.
Found a blitz polishing cloth (used) still in the box.
The box is aged and dusty looking. The cloth shines silver like new!
i have no idea how old this is…there’s a price of 25¢ in a circle on the
lower right corner of the box.
The address notes;
Auburn Specialties Co.
Auburn, N.Y. USA

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