Blitz® Jewelry Wipes Make Jewelry Cleaning Easy While On The Go

Blitz® Jewelry Wipes Make Jewelry Cleaning Easy While On The Go

Blitz® Jewelry Wipes are one of our best selling travel products due to its convenience, simplicity, and fantastic results.  Since 1912, Blitz® has been known as the company that puts the polish in the cloth and the Jewelry Wipes give customers an extra bonus; complete disposability.  These cloths will not only shine the surface of your jewelry to return the luster, they will also remove tarnish.  This becomes very handy while our customers are traveling as Jewelry Wipes are liquid free making them completely safe for purses, handbags or carry-on luggage.  This means no more going on vacation or showing up to business meetings with dirty jewelry. Blitz® Jewelry Wipes are not JUST for polishing the surface of your favorite jewelry; they can also be used to return the luster to metal musical instruments! Not recommended for use on lacquered instruments.  You will never again have to play a recital with an instrument that is covered in fingerprints!

How do the disposable Blitz Jewelry Wipes work? Blitz® uses the same powerful yet non toxic formula that is found in our other standard polishing cloths.  By relying on disposable single-ply treated cloths, we can fit 30 wipes into one container! Each wipe can be used until the surface is completely black at which point you only need to toss it out! Rub the surface of your jewelry with the cloth in a circular motion; to remove tarnish apply a little more pressure. When you have sufficiently polished the surface of the jewelry, use a non abrasive cloth to buff the surface; and you’re done!

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Adam on

Blitz wipes cleans and polishes silver to a very natural and beautiful gleaming luster without any powder, paste or liquids. What I really love about the wipes is, it leaves behind an anti-tarnish coating on the silver, which keeps silver shining beautifully for long.

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