Blitz Silver Guardian Gets a Makeover!

Blitz Silver Guardian Gets a Makeover!

Blitz Inc’s Innovative Silver Guardian Gets a NEW Attractive Insert!

Blitz is giving the amazing Silver Guardian a much needed makeover with packaging to match the rest of our gorgeous silver care line! Blitz created the Silver Guardian to protect silver jewelry or silver service from the tarnishing effects of sulfur. Simply place one of the packets next to your silver jewelry in a dry, dark place. You can easily go for months without having to polish your silver at all! This product is perfect for silverware or silver service that does not get used often; or is great to leave in a drawer next to your silver jewelry.  See the original press release about the Blitz Silver Guardian below as well as a YouTube video showing you how this amazing product actually works!  You will also notice the new Blitz Environmentally Friendly Seal!  This seal will soon be placed on all Blitz Products that are non-toxic & environmentally friendly! Blitz, always the innovator, has produced a patented process to protect your silver from tarnish for months. Below, you will a time lapse video in which we place a sulfur-containing egg with silver. Unprotected the silver tarnished rapidly and severely. With Silver Guardian, the silver remained untarnished. It was so powerful that the egg actually shrank to a fraction of its original size - a truly amazing phenomenon.

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