The Blitz Hybrid Microfiber Flannel Cloth is For the Lady Who Loves it All!

The Blitz Hybrid Microfiber Flannel Cloth is For the Lady Who Loves it All!

Now use ONE cloth for cleaning fine AND fashion jewelry!

Since 1912 Blitz has been in the business of providing the most reliable jewelry & metal polishing cloths without the use of harsh or toxic chemicals. We offer many different types of cloths for polishing gold, silver, platinum, brass, fashion and more; (browse our entire line of non-toxic polishing cloths) however, there is only one cloth that will work on everything. The Hybrid Microfiber Flannel Polishing Cloth for fashion & fine jewelry works for the jewelry collector who loves a little bit of everything. The inside cloth is non-abrasive 100% cotton flannel cloth that has been treated with the same Blitz cleaning agents found in our popular Jewelry Care Cloth. This makes it possible to clean & polish all fine jewelry while the outer microfiber cloth can be used to polish & buff the surface, restoring the sparkle and shine. Wearing fashion jewelry that is a little dull? Use only the highly absorbent outer microfiber cloth to clean away fingerprints, dust, perspiration and more! The microfiber is non-treated and safe to use on any surface including cell-phone screens, tablets, watch faces, mirrors, photos, glasses and anything else you can think of! The Blitz Hybrid Microfiber Flannel Cloth allows you to use ONE product to clean MULTIPLE surfaces safely and effectively. We are also proud to say that the inner cloth was manufactured, sewn and treated here in the United States at our factory in Jeffersonville, Indiana! This cloth is available for sale on our website starting at $6.95. Visit the Blitz Hybrid Microfiber Flannel Polishing Cloth product page for more information! If you are interested in wholesale & customization (adding your logo & business information) please feel free to call us at 812-284-2548 Monday – Friday; 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM. Our sales representatives will be happy to help you place your order.

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