Stainless Steel Shine Polish

Stainless Steel Shine Polish cleans and restores the original brilliance to stainless steel surfaces. This product contains no alcohol, no ammonia, no acids, no V.O.C. and no abrasives. CRITICAL: If an item is used for cooking, it is essential you insist that the cookware be washed thoroughly for sanitary reasons. This polish will not remove built up carbon. We recommend The Original Blitz Cloth Water marks might need several treatments to remove. Stainless steel is an alloy of steel and other metals. It comes in many grades. The usual rule of thumb is if a piece of stainless steel is magnetic (attracted by a magnet) it has the possibility of rusting. If it is non-magnetic it tends not to rust. Blitz Stock # 20641 CAUTION: DO NOT USE ON LACQUERED OR COATED SURFACES. ALWAYS FOLLOW MANUFACTURER'S RECOMMENDATIONS PRIOR TO USE.