Activator Solution for silver cleaning

Activator Solution


Blitz Activator Solution Packets for Silver Cleaning

These Blitz Silver Cleaning Packets can only be used with the Blitz Ultrasonic Silver Cleaning Kit item # 20762. Don't use boiling water. This is how you clean silver or silver jewelry with an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner. Mix 10:1 ratio. Works quickest with warm tap water (or distilled water) in the ultrasonic cleaner and turn the machine "on" for 3 minutes WITHOUT putting anything else in the tank. This will help to de-gas the solution. Be sure that the solution amount does not exceed the max line in the tank. Then put the silver cleaning plate (Blitz stock #20762) in the ultrasonic cleaner's basket WITH your silver jewelry on top of the silver cleaning plate. Turn the machine on for at least 3 minutes. The process of turning the machine on with silver jewelry in it can be repeated several times with very dirty or heavily tarnished silver and silver jewelry. If the water/solution becomes dirty, you must rinse the tank and repeat the process, as dirty solution does not clean properly.

  • Four (4) Activator Solution Packets for Ultrasonic Silver Cleaning Kit - REFILL
  • Non-Toxic and Environmentally Friendly
  • Made in the USA
Blitz Stock # J681PPF Don't yet have an ultrasonic machine? Browse our impressive collection of Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaning Machines! WARNING: Soft and porrous stones may not be suitable for an ultrasonic cleaner. Consult with your jeweler.