GemOro Ultra Dock TM

GemOro UltraDock

The UltraDock is a sleek, low profile battery-charging stand conveniently designed for recharging the NiMH batteries used in all second generation GemOro UltraTester II and PRO-D II testers. The attractive UltraDock may be securely placed on your showroom counter, showcase or desk with your tester inserted, so that it is within easy reach, fully charged at all times and ready for cordless or fully portable use. The testers supplied multi-voltage 100-240v AC adaptor/charger is required to power this device. Features:
  1. Intelligent Charging Control IC: Equipped with specially designed IC for NiMH rechargeable batteries.
  2. Trickle Charging: When the batteries are fully charged, the charging stand has special software that senses and then converts the charging stand to its trickle charging status. This feature will then provide only the needed power to recharge the batteries due to their natural power drain when not in use.
  3. Alkaline / Non-Rechargeable Battery VMAX Protection: Alkaline batteries have a higher voltage than the NiMH rechargeable batteries that come installed in all second generation GemOro testers. When alkaline batteries have been installed in the tester, the charging stand senses this change in voltage and stops charging.
  4. Re-Start Charging: If the tester has fully charged batteries and it is not taken out of the charging stand, when the voltage in the batteries drops, the charging stand will automatically switch from the normal, fast charging speed and then begin charging the batteries at a speed of 50% of the normal charging speed.
  5. Ship wt. 0.6 lb.
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